Why Sweep Streets?

Why Sweep Streets?

Whether you own a business, are involved with a government agency or municipality, or own a housing complex, street sweeping should be near the top of your priority list. Even though the majority of owners and operators choose to neglect cleaning parking lots, highways, construction sites, and local roads, you’d be surprised how the decision to ignore street sweeping can negatively impact the environment and the look and feel of your area. If you want to attract customers, residents, or simply keep the environment clean, street sweeping is a service you cannot ignore. Regular street sweeping can also help you meet the requirements of the NPDES and TMDL.

Street Sweeping for Construction and Milling Sites

Construction sites are known for excessive buildup of debris and litter, which is why it’s extremely important to clean and sweep the sites consistently. A street sweeping company will use a variety of tools and machinery to clean the site, including mechanical broom sweepers and vacuum sweepers that will clean up debris, dirt, and other litter quickly so you can enjoy the benefits of an uncluttered work area. If you leave dirt and debris alone, it will quickly pile up—creating an unsafe work environment and causing multiple other problems. If you want to avoid these issues, it’s best to hire a sweeping company.

Sweeping is an important part of cleaning existing pavement before new asphalt is laid out on a milling site. It’s never a good idea to lay new asphalt onto pavement that’s caked with dirt and structurally weak, so sweeping plays a pivotal role in preparing the pavement beforehand. Before the pavement can be cleaned, it will be milled, preleveled, or both.

Community Street Sweeping

Home owner’s value location, but they also value cleanliness. You can significantly improve the value of a development or housing community by keeping roads and highways clean in the surrounding area. If you’re interested in selling more homes, cleaner streets will do the job. Those who have money to spend on real estate will flock to an area if they know it’s being maintained and cared for. In addition, community street sweeping will extend the life of the pavement and asphalt on roads, decrease dirt and debris, as well as prevent slip and fall accidents. It will also decrease pollution and keep debris out of the local sewer systems.

Municipality Street Sweeping

Government agencies responsible for roadways are also responsible for ensuring the stormwater runoff from their roadways don’t negatively effect the environment.  Street Sweeping is recognized by the Florida Stormwater Association as the most cost-effective method of removing pollutants and nutrients before they enter into the stormwater systems and ultimately into the local lake and stream systems.  Routine street sweeping by government agencies results in improved aesthetics for the area, improved environmental conditions and a significant cost savings over structural BMP’s. Looking at the whole picture, street sweeping is the most advantageous method to meet an agency’s NPDES and TMDL requirements.

Meeting NPDES and TMDL Requirements

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) are set forth to keep surface waters safe for drinking, fishing, and recreational activities. One of the easiest ways to meet an agency’s NPDES and TMDL requirements is to implement a regular street sweeping program. Street sweeping removes harmful pollutants such as litter, dust, and debris, which makes the road surface cleaner and keeps pollutants from entering water sources. If you want to abide by the regulations of the NPDES and TMDL, contact a street sweeping company to keep your surface area clean.

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