Roadside Vegetation Maintenance

Roadside Vegetation Maintenance

USA Services has been providing vegetation maintenance services to FDOT, Cities and Counties for nearly 20 years.  Our expert staff is committed to provide high quality service to our customers while operating in a safe manner among the traveling public.  As with all the services we provide, the USA Services team will always provide a level of quality and accountability that is second to none.

Vegetation Services:

Road Patrol – Crews can be provided to perform roadway road patrol services on a customer chosen frequency.  An operator trained in following safe practices while on the roadway along with a vehicle featuring all required advanced warning devices will be provided at all time.  Road Patrol can include services ranging from removal of hazards, maintenance of object markers and delineators, minor pothole repairs, emergency/incident response and more.

Litter Removal – Complete litter removal services within the roadway limits are provided on a routine basis, both before a cycle of mowing and on an interim basis.  All litter is bagged and removed from the roadway on the same day with disposal receipts provided upon request.

Roadside Mowing – We maintain a large fleet of Caterpillar Challenger Tractors with 15’ and 20’ mowing decks for large machine mowing services.  We also operate several zero turn mowing crews for mowing of smaller, curbed or limited access areas.

Roadside Edging & Sweeping – We perform over 5000 miles of roadway edging services annually statewide.  Through both mechanical and manual means our staff will provide your roadways with the finished, manicured look only proper edging of grass can provide.  Our unique ability to provide a street sweeper along with the operation leaves the entire site looking clean and complete each day.

Slope & Ditch Mowing – Our Challenger Tractors equipped with 30’ boom mowers allow us to quickly and cleanly mow ditches and slopes.  We can also provide crews with hand tools to mow steep and hard to reach areas that boom mowers can’t access.

Tree Power Shearing – Power shearing is a quick and clean way to ensure your trees to do not create a hazard for the traveling public.  Our team provides this service to numerous customers on both a onetime and routine basis.  Service includes trimming of trees to a predetermined height above the clear zone as well as the chipping and removal of debris from the ground.

Herbicide Application – Our fully licensed herbicide team will provide the proper equipment and materials to apply herbicide to any areas our customer needs.  Our application vehicles are able to reach any area service is needed – on road or off. Typical areas we provide service are sidewalk and curbing crack weeds, on bridge and barrier walls, along fence lines and behind guardrail.  Full documentation is provide each day including amount of herbicide applied, locations applied and wind speed.

Tree Removal, Clearing & Grubbing and Stump Grinding Services – Please see our Tree Services page for more information.