At USA Services of Florida we are proud to have built our reputation on building mutually beneficial partnerships with each and every customer.  We have a large list of references we would be happy to provide upon request.  The following are some examples of what our customers have to say about our service.

“USA Services has been a staple partner in Jorgensen Contract Services operation for years. USA has provided a high quality service at competitive pricing. They are straightforward, hard working, honest owners who “do what they say they are going to do.”
– Abe H., JCS

“USA personnel are always professional and perform the contracted street sweeping services is a timely and efficient manner. In addition, unlike some other contractors working in the City, we’ve never received any citizen complaints of the work performed by USA. Your staff has made my job as Stormwater Administrator much easier and your service is appreciated.”
– Jeff R, City Stormwater Administrator

“Street Sweeping is vital in keeping the City looking spotless and its waterways healthy. It is a key best management practice in the City’s Stormwater Master Plan and its NPDES Stormwater Permit. USA Services of FL has excellent equipment and does a great job. USA Services staff are meticulous about their sweeping and check in regularly to report curb conditions and any problems encountered. Its “service with a smile” all the way!”
– Joanie R., City Stormwater Administrator

“USA Services has assisted the City in a number of municipal projects and has always done an excellent job. They provide excellent communication to City staff on the progress of assigned projects and are very professional in dealing with the public.”
– Alan W., City Coordinator

“USA has performed their contract in an exceptional manner. They were professional and would ensure that the Department was always satisfied with their completed work.”

“U.S.A. Services has been sweeping the City for eight years and we find the service exemplary. During that time, their staff has proven to be a professional in every way. They are punctual and dedicated to the job, no matter what hour of the day and night.”
– Virginia G., City Administrator

“Professional, courteous team members ready at a moment’s notice to respond to their client’s routine or emergency needs.”
– Bill I., Infrastructure Corporation of America (ICA)