Lake and Sumter Counties

Quality Street Sweeping and roadway maintenance in Leesburg, Clermont and throughout Lake and Sumter Counties

 USA Services has been trusted by Florida’s agencies and citizens for over 20 years for thorough street sweeping. Whether you need a construction site cleaned up or routine sweeping for your community, USA Services provides street sweeping in Lake County for government and private clients alike.

 As regulations on stormwater pollution become more stringent, street sweeping is becoming a critical Best Management Practice to help agencies meet their NPDES permit requirements.  A recent study by the Florida Stormwater Association shows that street sweeping is the most cost effective BMP to prevent stormwater runoff pollution.

 The Benefits of USA Services

 Street sweeping is crucial to maintaining both the beauty and safety of Leesburg and Lake County.

  •  Top of the line late model Elgin Eagle Street Sweepers
  •  Highly trained operators with a focus on customer satisfaction
  •  The largest fleet of street sweepers in the southeast US enabling us to respond quickly to any need or request.
  •  Detailed Disposal logs enabling the customer to ensure they receive full credit for their BMP activities.
  •  Truck mounted dust suppression system
  •  24/7 response for weather events, emergencies and special events

 Beyond Street Sweeping

 In addition to street cleaning, we also offer:

  • Roadside Mowing
  • Slope Mowing
  • Litter Removal
  • Guardrail Repair
  • Handrail Repair
  • Tree Trimming and Power Shearing
  • High Mast Lighting Repair
  • Herbicide Application (roadside and aquatic)

All of the services our company offers are performed with the highest attention to detail and customer satisfaction.  We are dedicated to bringing you standout services for a cleaner community. Give us a call at 800-226-3200 or get a free online quote today.