USA Services Supports the Adopt A Highway Program

USA Services is excited to join the Florida Department of Transportation’s Adopt A Highway Program. As one of the largest Street Sweeping and roadside maintenance companies in the southeast U.S., trash is our life. To help with our commitment to keeping our roadways clean, we recently adopted 2 miles of roadway on SR 50 From SR 551 to SR 436 in Orlando and we’re in the process of Adopting another 2 mile stretch on US 17/92 in Lake Mary.











Litter is a major problem everywhere. The FDOT currently picks up hundreds of tons of litter per year at an annual cost to the tax payers of over $2 million dollars. The Adopt A Highway program allows companies and organizations to volunteer to help remove that litter, keeping the roads clean and reducing the burden on FDOT and the taxpayers.








Adopt A Highway crews agree clean the shoulders of the road they sponsor 4 times per year. It is a 2 year commitment to the program but the benefits to the traveling public are huge. It’s a great program and we highly recommend other corporations look into joining to help keep their communities looking beautiful. You can learn more about the program here: Pledge