Street Sweeping and Your City: The Importance of Community Involvement

Why Bother Street Sweeping?

If you live in an urban or suburban area, chances are you’ve seen a street sweeper. We all know they keep our streets clean and our communities beautiful, but what other purposes do they serve?

Aesthetics aside, street sweepers also manage the hygiene of our towns and cities, cleaning the streets of waste and other potential sources of illness.

But did you know that street sweepers play an important role in keeping our lakes, streams, and oceans clean? When it rains on streets that are not swept, storm water carries dirt, sediment, trash and toxins like fertilizer and copper into our waterways. Rain water contamination can not only kill wildlife but makes such water unsafe for drinking and swimming. A well-swept road minimizes what is dumped into our streams and lakes.

 What can I do?

 As a citizen, it may seem like you play little part in cleaning the streets to protect our communities.However, this is simply not the case. You can do many things to assist our street cleaners and maintain your neighborhood.

First of all, you can refrain from over-fertilizing your lawn and calibrate your sprinklers to efficientlywater your lawn. Nitrogen in fertilizer commonly washes off into rivers and streams, causing algaegrowth that kills fish and prevents safe swimming.

How can city managers help?

City managers can have a major impact in the effectiveness of street cleaning when they choose the  types of trucks and schedule their routes. However, city managers can also help encourage community investment in street sweeping.

Education is the most effective way to encourage citizens in maintaining streets. Pamphlets and flyers are effective ways to tell residents about the impact that dirty streets can have on their neighborhoods and waterways. In addition, flyers in the mail or in an email can remind residents to move their cars and yard waste.

City managers can also consider posting permanent signs, restricting parking specifically during sweeping. Also, ticket revenue generated parking enforcement can help fund street sweeping projects.

What now?

To protect your community and its waterways, get together with your neighbors and help them remember to prepare for street cleaning day. Contact your city managers to encourage them to make street sweeping a priority. Clean streets means clean communities and clean water for everyone. Contact the premier street sweepers in Florida.