Street Sweeping Keeps Stormwater Runoff and your budget Moving in the Right Direction

With regulations from federal and state agencies becoming stricter every day, managing stormwater runoff effectively is of vital importance. Failing to meet the standards of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) programs could mean facing hefty fines and fees which will take a chunk out of your carefully planned budget. Rather than paying up after runoff pollution rears its ugly head, partner with a local street sweeper like USA Services to keep stormwater moving in the right direction.

 A study by the Florida Stormwater Association analyzed the most common Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) to compare each BMP’s cost to prevent Nitrogen (TN) Phosphorous (TP) and particulate matter (PM) from the stormwater system.   The table below details the results of that study but their final conclusion was, “the results of this study clearly indicate that street sweeping provides the greatest recovery of PM, TP and TN per unit of economic investment.”

 Table:  Comparison between structural and non-structural solutions costs for particulate matter (PM) and nutrients removal expressed in $ per pound of constituent.


Separation or Recovery Method

Median Cost ($/lb)

TN                        TP                 PM

BMP Treatment Traina

$935                    $32,600           $26


FL Database for BMPsb

$1,900                   $10,500            $41

Screened Hydrodynamic Separatorc

$3,730                   $ 9,210              $4

Baffled Hydrodynamic Separatorc

$3,020                    $ 7,450              $3


Street Sweeping

$165                      $257              $0.10


Catch Basin Cleaningd

$1,016                    $1,656             $0.70

 As you can see, the results of the study indicate street sweeping was by far the most cost effective BMP.  This study illustrates that the cost of regular maintenance practices per load of TN, TP and PM, in particular for street sweeping is significantly lower than current structural BMPs.”

 Street Sweeping is better for your budget and your citizens

Most stormwater BMPs serve one purpose—preventing stormwater runoff.  When you implement a routine street sweeping program you aren’t just saving money on your Stormwater budget.  You are also working to maintain the aesthetics of your municipality and preserve a high quality image.  Routine street sweeping can result in higher property values, increased commercial business traffic as well as improving the life span of your roads.  Can a Hydrodynamic Separator do that much for you?

 Protecting Florida’s Natural Beauty

Florida has a unique environment. The tropical and subtropical climate contributes to a diverse and fragile ecology unlike anywhere else in the world. To protect our state’s natural beauty, we have to funnel stormwater runoff responsibly. This is the intention behind many of the new regulations, and it’s the reason USA Services is working closely with organizations, businesses, and government agencies to provide affordable and efficient street sweeping.

 A well-planned environmental sweeping program is more important now than ever before, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.