USA Services: Street Sweeping in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples, Florida

We maintain a late-model fleet of sweepers and employ experienced, trained operators to provide outstanding street sweeping in area of Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples, Florida.

Local Laws and Regulations

Are you worried about meeting the requirements of Federal laws and regulations? That’s why USA Services is proud to be your community partner when it comes to Best Management Practices in your area. We can help advise you on how to meet your NPDES permit requirements as cost effectively as possible. We will also provide detailed disposal records that allow you to properly document your stormwater prevention activities and get full credit for those activities.

Keep Streets Clean and Safe

It’s well-known that roadway debris detracts from the beauty of our streets, but it is also dangerous for our citizens. Sand, dirt, and trash can make road surfaces slippery and contribute to a higher risk of auto accidents. Not only that, but these materials are abrasive, shortening the pavement’s service life. Weekly sweeping prevents these costly problems, and it reduces suspended solids in downstream-receiving waters by more than 75%, according to the EPA.  Keep your streets clean and safe by establishing routine street sweeping as soon as possible.

If you are in need of street sweeping in Cape Coral, Fort Myers or, Naples or the the surrounding area, please call USA Services today to speak with us about your project or property. We’re proud to maintain Florida’s streets and contribute to the pride of the local communities in which we serve. Call us today!