Questions to Ask about Sweeping for Your Pollution Reduction Plan

Sweeping for Your Pollution Reduction Plan

If you’re considering implementing a sweeping program in your city or community, you probably have a few questions about it. Before you make any major decisions, consider these questions you should be asking yourself.

Why Am I Considering Sweeping?

There are a myriad of reasons to hire a street sweeping company. You need to pinpoint what is driving you to consider a street sweeping program, and what difference it could make in your community.

Are you looking to reduce pollution? Make your streets look more attractive? Make the streets and sidewalks safer for pedestrians? Increase traffic to your businesses? Improve your city’s water quality?

What Do Sweeping Studies Say About Its Effectiveness?

Before you decide whether or not sweeping is worth the budget, do your research. Review available sweeping studies, and decide if your reasons for considering it are valid enough to warrant the service, or if there are other ways to achieve your goals that might be more effective. Click here to read a study by the Florida Stormwater and the cost effectiveness of street sweeping vs best management practices.

Look at studies from areas geographically similar to yours. Was sweeping effective? What other possibilities are out there? What is the best way to maximize street sweeping efficiency?

What Can Make Sweeping More Effective?

The number one most important way to make street sweeping effective is to make sure that all cars are removed from the street. If even a single car is parked along the curb, the sweeper will have to make a wide enough turn to avoid them that it will miss 3 full car lengths of road.

So how do you make sure the street is clear? Print out brochures, flyers, and other advertising that will inform people of the time and date of the street sweep. Put out notices online on city websites. Send people notices in city bills. Pass out flyers door to door if necessary to be sure that everyone is aware and can keep their cars off the street accordingly.

How Are You Going to Involve the Community?

Awareness is the first step to involve the community with the street sweeping process. Inform them when and why the sweepers will be coming around. Make sure that they know to keep their cars off the street, as well as to  clear large debris out of the road so that it doesn’t clog the sweepers.

Get the community on board with other environmentally friendly projects too. Use street sweeping as a kick-off point for educating your city about pollution, stormwater, and sanitation and encourage them to be more involved in their neighborhoods.

What is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Sweep?

The best option is to contract out street sweeping. Private companies will often do the work for less than city employees could.

For a professional street sweeping service in Florida, contact USA Services at 800-226-3200.