Providing Public Education Through Our Custom Truck Wraps

If you’ve been reading our blog you’re already well aware of the environmental benefits of street sweeping.  Street Sweeping removes potential pollutants at the source before they have a chance to enter the storm water system and flow the our rivers and lakes.  Street sweepers are by far the most cost-effective way to prevent storm water pollution – particularly in Florida where lakes and other water bodies are such a large part of our environment.  Street sweeping should be a key best management practice (BMP) to developing any storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPP) as well as meeting the stringent requirements of the NPDES & TMDL programs. 

The general public is less aware of these benefits though. The average citizen only notices the aesthetic and safety benefits that come from street sweeping. 

To help educate our communities, we’ve developed a program of wrapping our sweepers with custom designs. Every vehicle in our fleet features a different, distinctive wrap. These wraps highlight street sweepings role in protecting the environment in a subtle eye catching manner. 

In each wrap we try to highlight a water body in our communities. Examples are Lake Eola and Lake Monroe near Orlando, the Tampa Bay, the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, the Daytona Beach Pier and more. Along with this visual clue on both sides and the rear of the sweeper, we also provide our slogan “Protecting Our Waterways and Keeping Florida Clean…One Mile at a Time.” In addition, we provide our website address so people can visit the site and learn more about street sweeping’s role in the community and environment. 

If you have more questions about street sweeping’s place in protecting the environment or how we can help your community, please contact us.