Mechanical Sweepers and what does is it mean to be PM10 Certified?

Mechanical Sweepers that are PM10 Certified

Although there are several types of street sweepers on the market, Florida’s sandy conditions make the mechanical sweeper the ideal choice. Mechanical sweepers have been in use for more than a century,  for everything from heavy debris to surface scrubbing.

At USA Services, we use modern, up-to-date equipment, such as the Elgin Eagle mechanical sweepers. These are four-wheel mechanical broom sweepers. They come equipped with a wide sweep, a no-jam conveyor and a trouble-free height lift system. These sweepers are built on a cab-over commercial or a conventional chassis.

Some of the features of the Eagle are a dual mode air suspension system. This allows the operator to go from a solid rear axle to a fully sprung chassis for dumping stability and comfort during high speeds when transporting.

Eagles are well equipped for areas where versatility is required. Their full-width, no-jam conveyer makes it easy to pick up bulky roadside items such as mufflers, hubcaps and retreads. It also has no trouble picking up everything from heavy millings to some of the smallest debris, which can be so damaging to our waterways. Meanwhile the high dump hopper system allows us to remove the debris from the road and dump it into a truck or roll-off container so it can be transported to the landfill.

Our Eagles are PM10 Certified

Being PM10 certified means our equipment is capable of holding particulate matter size less than 10μm. This means that our sweepers are certified by the South Coast Air Quality Management District to meet the high standards established in SCAQMD Rule 1186.

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