USA Services: Street Sweeping in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, FL

USA Services proudly leads the industry in training, methods, and procedures to provide high quality street sweeping in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We stay on top of agency regulations and constantly train our staff and operators on street sweeping Best Management Practices. Because we do our research and make the needed investments, you never have to worry whether your street sweeping partner is providing effective service. USA Services makes it easy and convenient to comply with regulations and keep your streets clean.

Why Do We Sweep?

Street sweeping in the Jacksonville area is not just for cosmetic reasons, though that is the most noticeable result. Clean streets inspire residents to take more pride and ownership in their community, but did you know it also makes the community safer? Removing abrasive materials from the roadways will lengthen their service life, protecting their surface and striping. Build-up of these materials can cause roadways to become slippery and enhance the risk of auto accidents, but weekly street sweeping removes these hazardous materials and maintains the friction of the road.

Street Sweeping is also a primary BMP to prevent stormwater runoff pollution.  As a source maintenance activity, street sweeping is the most cost effective method to prevent stormwater prevention and meet stormwater permit requirements.  We will also provide detailed disposal logs to document the quantity of materials removed.

Why Choose USA Services?

The biggest reason our clients turn to us is because we share the same goals. From water quality to air quality goals, we are aligned with your best interests and will advise you on the best methods to choose. Our expertise means you save time, money, and protect the unique natural beauty that Florida is known for. And because we’re always training and updating our strategies, you’ll always get the benefits of industry-leading Best Management Practices.

For more information on our street sweeping services in Jacksonville, FL, please call us today!