How Street Sweeping Affects Your Parking Habits

43rd street cleaningWhen it comes to getting around your city or commuting to work, your car is your most vital resource. Because it matters so much, you want to ensure you park it in a safe location. And normally you do. But what about those times when you need to park on the side of the street?

A roadside parking spot represents a risk for several reasons. And one of those reasons involves street sweepers.

Why bother worrying about street sweepers, you may ask? The following information will help you become a more responsible car parker by showing how street sweepers typically clean and how you should prepare to move your car off the street when they make their rounds.

Street Sweepers and Your Parking Habits

When you think of the term “street sweeper,” you probably conjure up images of poorly dressed men in caps with brooms and shovels. While this image is certainly romantic and nostalgic, it is hardly accurate in today’s world. Modern street sweepers actually drive trucks or machines which they operate at around 5 to 15 miles per hour.

Generally, two types of street sweepers keep garbage off the roads and pollutants out of the air. Some street sweepers clean the street with water and circular brushes. They spray water to reduce the amount of dust blown and activate a brush to scrub dirt and grime away.

Other sweepers utilize high-powered air blowers to lift dirt off the street and suck it up into a container. But no matter what kind of street sweeper your neighborhood uses, the sweeper’s equipment could damage any car left on the roadside. Or your car could damage the equipment. Or perhaps the street sweeping company could have your car towed to eliminate any risk for damage.

For this reason, you need to keep your car off the road when the street sweepers come.

4 Steps to Take for Your Parked Car

Street cleaning occurs primarily on the side of the road-against the curb-the same place where you park your car. You need to know when to move your car and how to cooperate with street sweepers when it’s time for them to come your way. Read further to discover some advice to keep in mind during this process.

1. Learn Your Local Street Sweeping Schedule

To gain a basic understanding of when street sweepers will clean, check out their schedule. Most street sweeping company websites will post a table that tells the days or hours of their cleaning services. Other sources such as your city hall’s website or your city’s public works website will allow you to enter your address and area code into a search field to find information for your locale’s schedule.

2. Keep Your Car on the Driveway or in the Garage

The best place for your parked car is out of the street sweeper’s way. The simplest solution involves parking your car in your garage or outside on your driveway. It becomes a hassle for street sweepers to clean around parked cars. So they sometimes have them towed.

And if the street sweepers don’t tow your vehicle, they will be unable to collect the dirt and garbage that accumulate near the curb. After all, these professionals don’t want to damage your car or their equipment.

3. Obey “No Parking” Signs

Most of the time, street sweeping companies or city officials will post signs around town warning drivers to keep their parked cars off the side of the road. When city officials temporarily place these signs, they often post them at least a day before the street sweeping begins. These signs should also give you the specific off-limit hours so you know when it’s safe to park on the street again.

4. Consider Alternatives to Driving if Necessary

Street sweepers don’t just clean your residential roads; they clean busy downtown streets as well. If you park your car on the street when you go to work, you’ll need to consider ways to avoid doing so when street sweepers come by.

If possible, consider taking the bus or riding a bike on days when you know street sweepers will clean near your work. Your car should be fine if you park it in a company parking lot or in an underground parking garage.


As you follow these guidelines, your car will remain safe and you will avoid receiving any unnecessary tickets or fines from law enforcement. Most importantly, you will be a vital asset in your local street sweeping company’s goal to keep your roads, city, and air clean from trash and pollution. You’ll keep your car and your city more beautiful at the same time.

The next time your street sweepers provide service, remember these tips. To update yourself on more information related to street sweeping, check out our other blog articles.