Construction Street Sweeping

Florida Construction Street Sweeping

Construction site sweeping has become more and more important as environmental concerns have mounted in Florida and across the United States. In fact, one of the leading causes of pollution cited by the EPA comes from construction vehicles tracking dirt out from construction sites.

Why is this a problem? Sediment and other pollutants washed from trucks can easily end up in other water bodies or storm water, which is a violation of the Clean Water Act. Locally, managing storm water runoff in Florida is becoming more and more important as regulations are even stricter. One of the easiest ways to comply with these regulations is through construction sweeping.

Street Sweeping and Construction Sites

EPA rules don’t list any specific techniques or equipment, however they do mandate comprehensive pollution-prevention plans be in place for construction projects. And, they stipulate whatever plan is in place has to have a positive impact.

The number of companies offering quick-response and heavy-duty sweeping for the construction industry is actually relatively small. If you specifically want sweeping services for site cleanup, make sure you hire a contractor with a good amount of construction sweeping experience. It is also important they have the type of heavy-duty sweepers that are needed for the job.

In most cases, mechanical broom street sweepers are the right tools for the job. The transverse-broom action of these types of sweepers is needed in order to remove that packed-down dirt and debris typically found on construction sites. Street sweepers also remove the debris from the site and dispose of it in a designated location. Lay-mors and other tractor broom machines just push the dirt towards inlets or the side of the road where they wash back into the road during the next rainstorm. Street sweepers, equipped with dust control systems, also prevent dust from entering the atmosphere and polluting the air we breathe.

On any job, you need someone capable of achieving the highest possible results especially under the most demanding conditions. When it comes to road milling this is especially true — the sweeper’s job can change almost hourly, and this means that each jobsite location can potentially have a wide variety of new and interesting challenges.

USA Services offers the experienced crews who understand both the conditions they are sweeping and the machines that they are operating. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive sweeping services.