Clean Streets: More Necessary Than You Might Think

Keeping Up with Street Sweeping

You are likely aware of the environmental and aesthetic impacts a dirty street can have. But did you know dirty streets can also pose a real threat to drivers, as well as shorten the life span of the pavement?

Let’s explore some of the reasons street sweeping is necessary for making your neighborhoods and city a safer place for everyone.

Smaller Debris
Dust, grit, sand and rocks are very damaging to a road’s surface if roadway or construction site sweeping is not implemented. These small particles act like sandpaper—grinding the asphalt down and creating potholes. They can also wreak havoc on a car’s paint or windshield. Regular street sweeping greatly extends the life of a road, not to mention giving the city’s residents a sense of pride in their environment.

When there is garbage in the street, it’s not just unsightly—it can be dangerous. That innocuous-looking sheet of paper could get blown onto someone’s windshield and obstruct their view, or some other debris could get caught in a cyclist’s wheel or pop their tire.
Animals and Biohazards
When organic material or food trash is left in the roadway, it can attract local wildlife. This can be dangerous for several reasons: wild animals may carry disease, a few animals usually attract more animals, and animals can become aggressive and attack if they feel threatened.

More animals on the roadway can subsequently increase the likelihood of accidents or road kill. When road kill is left on the street, it in turn creates a biohazard for other wildlife, pets and even humans who may come in contact with the dead creature.

Benefits of Keeping Up with Street Sweeping

As you can see, many different elements can come together to create a dirty, dangerous street. By keeping a regular schedule of street sweeping and following best practices, you can:

  • Keep your streets looking beautiful
  • Prevent wildlife from being attracted to main thoroughfares
  • Extend the life of streets and street surfaces
  • Prevent possible pollutants from entering the environment

Whether it’s for construction sweeping or regular road maintenance, our team knows to follow the industry standards. We do our best to protect the environment and citizens while keeping the streets clean. To learn more about what we do or to request a proposal, call us toll-free at 1-800-226-3200 today.