Trust Us to Keep Roads Clean With Street Sweeping in Orlando FL


Orlando is a busy city. Our mecca of tourism is constantly growing and offering new events. As a result, it always needs cleaning. At USA Services of Florida we stake our reputation on keeping cities, businesses, and construction sites clean with our expert street sweeping.

Keep Our City and Businesses Running Smoothly

USA Services works with local municipalities to keep streets clean and safe. We also help you know our process for keeping roadways clear. We properly dispose of debris so your area or business stays compliant with municipal regulations. Our large fleet of vehicles allows us to respond to emergencies and disasters, keeping you and the surrounding area safe.

We know it’s important for commercial sites and contractors to maintain a professional appearance. You can trust our street sweepers to keep your construction site clean and in compliance with your permits. Your warehouse and industrial complexes won’t face hazardous surfaces that interfere with business.

Tackle the Major Projects

USA Services is not limited to street sweeping. Our Orlando, FL services also mean we properly deal with waste disposal for businesses and cities. We also handle road maintenance, including weed or overgrowth removal, picking up debris, and fixing small potholes. We take care of guardrails so drivers stay safe and cities stay protected.

Whether it’s a parade, a construction zone, or a city block, trust USA Services to keep it clean and safe. We are available for street sweeping in Orlando FL and the surrounding area. Visit our services page for a full list of all we can do for you, call us at 800-226-3200 or 407-339-1800, or get an online quote today.

You may also stop by our corporate offices:

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