Mechanical Sweepers and what does is it mean to be PM10 Certified?

Mechanical Sweepers that are PM10 Certified

Although there are several types of street sweepers on the market, Florida’s sandy conditions make the mechanical sweeper the ideal choice. Mechanical sweepers have been in use for more than a century,  for everything from heavy debris to surface scrubbing.

At USA Services, we use modern, up-to-date equipment, such as the Elgin Eagle mechanical sweepers. These are four-wheel mechanical broom sweepers. They come equipped with a wide sweep, a no-jam conveyor and a trouble-free height lift system. These sweepers are built on a cab-over commercial or a conventional chassis.

Some of the features of the Eagle are a dual mode air suspension system. This allows the operator to go from a solid rear axle to a fully sprung chassis for dumping stability and comfort during high speeds when transporting.

Eagles are well equipped for areas where versatility is required. Their full-width, no-jam conveyer makes it easy to pick up bulky roadside items such as mufflers, hubcaps and retreads. It also has no trouble picking up everything from heavy millings to some of the smallest debris, which can be so damaging to our waterways. Meanwhile the high dump hopper system allows us to remove the debris from the road and dump it into a truck or roll-off container so it can be transported to the landfill.

Our Eagles are PM10 Certified

Being PM10 certified means our equipment is capable of holding particulate matter size less than 10μm. This means that our sweepers are certified by the South Coast Air Quality Management District to meet the high standards established in SCAQMD Rule 1186.

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Construction Street Sweeping

Florida Construction Street Sweeping

Construction site sweeping has become more and more important as environmental concerns have mounted in Florida and across the United States. In fact, one of the leading causes of pollution cited by the EPA comes from construction vehicles tracking dirt out from construction sites.

Why is this a problem? Sediment and other pollutants washed from trucks can easily end up in other water bodies or storm water, which is a violation of the Clean Water Act. Locally, managing storm water runoff in Florida is becoming more and more important as regulations are even stricter. One of the easiest ways to comply with these regulations is through construction sweeping.

Street Sweeping and Construction Sites

EPA rules don’t list any specific techniques or equipment, however they do mandate comprehensive pollution-prevention plans be in place for construction projects. And, they stipulate whatever plan is in place has to have a positive impact.

The number of companies offering quick-response and heavy-duty sweeping for the construction industry is actually relatively small. If you specifically want sweeping services for site cleanup, make sure you hire a contractor with a good amount of construction sweeping experience. It is also important they have the type of heavy-duty sweepers that are needed for the job.

In most cases, mechanical broom street sweepers are the right tools for the job. The transverse-broom action of these types of sweepers is needed in order to remove that packed-down dirt and debris typically found on construction sites. Street sweepers also remove the debris from the site and dispose of it in a designated location. Lay-mors and other tractor broom machines just push the dirt towards inlets or the side of the road where they wash back into the road during the next rainstorm. Street sweepers, equipped with dust control systems, also prevent dust from entering the atmosphere and polluting the air we breathe.

On any job, you need someone capable of achieving the highest possible results especially under the most demanding conditions. When it comes to road milling this is especially true — the sweeper’s job can change almost hourly, and this means that each jobsite location can potentially have a wide variety of new and interesting challenges.

USA Services offers the experienced crews who understand both the conditions they are sweeping and the machines that they are operating. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive sweeping services.

Street Sweeping Keeps Stormwater Runoff and your budget Moving in the Right Direction

With regulations from federal and state agencies becoming stricter every day, managing stormwater runoff effectively is of vital importance. Failing to meet the standards of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) programs could mean facing hefty fines and fees which will take a chunk out of your carefully planned budget. Rather than paying up after runoff pollution rears its ugly head, partner with a local street sweeper like USA Services to keep stormwater moving in the right direction.

 A study by the Florida Stormwater Association analyzed the most common Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) to compare each BMP’s cost to prevent Nitrogen (TN) Phosphorous (TP) and particulate matter (PM) from the stormwater system.   The table below details the results of that study but their final conclusion was, “the results of this study clearly indicate that street sweeping provides the greatest recovery of PM, TP and TN per unit of economic investment.”

 Table:  Comparison between structural and non-structural solutions costs for particulate matter (PM) and nutrients removal expressed in $ per pound of constituent.


Separation or Recovery Method

Median Cost ($/lb)

TN                        TP                 PM

BMP Treatment Traina

$935                    $32,600           $26


FL Database for BMPsb

$1,900                   $10,500            $41

Screened Hydrodynamic Separatorc

$3,730                   $ 9,210              $4

Baffled Hydrodynamic Separatorc

$3,020                    $ 7,450              $3


Street Sweeping

$165                      $257              $0.10


Catch Basin Cleaningd

$1,016                    $1,656             $0.70

 As you can see, the results of the study indicate street sweeping was by far the most cost effective BMP.  This study illustrates that the cost of regular maintenance practices per load of TN, TP and PM, in particular for street sweeping is significantly lower than current structural BMPs.”

 Street Sweeping is better for your budget and your citizens

Most stormwater BMPs serve one purpose—preventing stormwater runoff.  When you implement a routine street sweeping program you aren’t just saving money on your Stormwater budget.  You are also working to maintain the aesthetics of your municipality and preserve a high quality image.  Routine street sweeping can result in higher property values, increased commercial business traffic as well as improving the life span of your roads.  Can a Hydrodynamic Separator do that much for you?

 Protecting Florida’s Natural Beauty

Florida has a unique environment. The tropical and subtropical climate contributes to a diverse and fragile ecology unlike anywhere else in the world. To protect our state’s natural beauty, we have to funnel stormwater runoff responsibly. This is the intention behind many of the new regulations, and it’s the reason USA Services is working closely with organizations, businesses, and government agencies to provide affordable and efficient street sweeping.

 A well-planned environmental sweeping program is more important now than ever before, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.


Street Sweeping Before and After the Parade!

Street Sweeping for the Big Parade!

When a city holds a parade, there are several factors that need to be considered during the planning phase. Parade directors need to make sure they have a detailed list of each float that will be involved, they need police and other authorities staffed to direct traffic flow and ensure security, and they also need an experienced pre-event and post-event cleanup crew to ensure the roads look spotless before and after the parade. If you want to host a successful parade, don’t neglect street sweeping and road cleanup.

Pre-Parade Street Sweeping

Parades are an exciting experience for people of all ages, but if you really want to impress the guests, it’s absolutely essential to spend time cleaning the roads beforehand. Our experienced cleanup crew at USA Services is the best when it comes to pre-event cleanup. We’ll come through before the parade begins and sweep up dirt, debris, litter and anything that may appear unsightly to parade-goers. When the parade route is thoroughly cleaned, visitors will focus on the excitement of the floats and the event, instead of being distracted by any mess on the road. Giving heed to these small details can make or break the experience for parade guests.

Post-Parade Street Sweeping and Cleanup

Our team of street sweeping professionals adds an extra touch of style to traditional road cleanup. Unlike other street sweeping companies, we often follow behind as the last float in a parade, cleaning up the roads as we go so the city can reopen roads quickly after the event ends. If you’re holding a festival, concert, or other type of event, you can call us at any time of the day or night, and we’ll be there to offer our street sweeping services. We have all the resources to handle any type of event, even if it’s during the weekend.

Why Hire USA Services for Street Sweeping?

We have more experience with street sweeping than any of our competitors. We’ve provided event cleanup services for parades, art festivals, carnivals, concerts, sporting events, bowl games, holiday festivals, spring break events, and much more. We recently provided holiday, parade, and festival cleanup services for the City of Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, Mount Dora, Winter Park, Palm Bay, Winter Haven, Cape Coral, and Sebring. We can even upgrade your street sweeping experience to include sidewalk cleanup. Contact us today for more information. Let us help you make your next event a success!

Why Sweep Streets?

Why Sweep Streets?

Whether you own a business, are involved with a government agency or municipality, or own a housing complex, street sweeping should be near the top of your priority list. Even though the majority of owners and operators choose to neglect cleaning parking lots, highways, construction sites, and local roads, you’d be surprised how the decision to ignore street sweeping can negatively impact the environment and the look and feel of your area. If you want to attract customers, residents, or simply keep the environment clean, street sweeping is a service you cannot ignore. Regular street sweeping can also help you meet the requirements of the NPDES and TMDL.

Street Sweeping for Construction and Milling Sites

Construction sites are known for excessive buildup of debris and litter, which is why it’s extremely important to clean and sweep the sites consistently. A street sweeping company will use a variety of tools and machinery to clean the site, including mechanical broom sweepers and vacuum sweepers that will clean up debris, dirt, and other litter quickly so you can enjoy the benefits of an uncluttered work area. If you leave dirt and debris alone, it will quickly pile up—creating an unsafe work environment and causing multiple other problems. If you want to avoid these issues, it’s best to hire a sweeping company.

Sweeping is an important part of cleaning existing pavement before new asphalt is laid out on a milling site. It’s never a good idea to lay new asphalt onto pavement that’s caked with dirt and structurally weak, so sweeping plays a pivotal role in preparing the pavement beforehand. Before the pavement can be cleaned, it will be milled, preleveled, or both.

Community Street Sweeping

Home owner’s value location, but they also value cleanliness. You can significantly improve the value of a development or housing community by keeping roads and highways clean in the surrounding area. If you’re interested in selling more homes, cleaner streets will do the job. Those who have money to spend on real estate will flock to an area if they know it’s being maintained and cared for. In addition, community street sweeping will extend the life of the pavement and asphalt on roads, decrease dirt and debris, as well as prevent slip and fall accidents. It will also decrease pollution and keep debris out of the local sewer systems.

Municipality Street Sweeping

Government agencies responsible for roadways are also responsible for ensuring the stormwater runoff from their roadways don’t negatively effect the environment.  Street Sweeping is recognized by the Florida Stormwater Association as the most cost-effective method of removing pollutants and nutrients before they enter into the stormwater systems and ultimately into the local lake and stream systems.  Routine street sweeping by government agencies results in improved aesthetics for the area, improved environmental conditions and a significant cost savings over structural BMP’s. Looking at the whole picture, street sweeping is the most advantageous method to meet an agency’s NPDES and TMDL requirements.

Meeting NPDES and TMDL Requirements

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) are set forth to keep surface waters safe for drinking, fishing, and recreational activities. One of the easiest ways to meet an agency’s NPDES and TMDL requirements is to implement a regular street sweeping program. Street sweeping removes harmful pollutants such as litter, dust, and debris, which makes the road surface cleaner and keeps pollutants from entering water sources. If you want to abide by the regulations of the NPDES and TMDL, contact a street sweeping company to keep your surface area clean.

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