10 Ways to Make Your Business Look Professional During a Renovation

You have decided that your office could use a transformation. Its space, layout, colors, and natural lighting do not suit your needs or your employee’s preferences at all, and you want to create a happier, more productive, and more attractive workspace.

However, you can’t afford to close, either for your revenue’s sake or your employees’ sake. Your business will have to stay open throughout the renovation. But you worry that your customers, partners, and suppliers will feel disenchanted when they see the huge mess and the construction materials. You also worry that the machinery and noise will scare people off.

So how do you keep your business’s aesthetic professional and appealing throughout the renovation process?

Below, we’ve given you a few tips to you can maintain your business’s image.

1. Schedule a Daily Waste Hauling Service

Remodels create a lot of waste-and some of them even create dangerous waste, like sawdust, splinters, nails, broken glass, and jagged metal pieces. You do not want to risk a customer injury by keeping these objects on your property. Not only will an injury make you lose that customer and everyone he or she knows, but it could pull you into a lawsuit as well.

Keep yourself legally safe and make your business look more attractive by scheduling a waste hauling service. This service will remove any excess materials daily and ensure that your office’s interior and exterior don’t contain too much clutter.

2. Restructure Your Interior Décor Around the Renovation

As you renovate, your decorations will not look quite as balanced as they did before. So, when customers visit you, they may feel uncomfortable about how things look, even if they can’t say why. Have someone with an eye for design reposition your décor periodically as the remodel progresses.

3. Renovate Nonessential Areas First

Whether you have a sales floor, a dining area, conference rooms, or other essential spaces for interacting with clients, you should save these areas until last-unless you can renovate them in the space of a weekend. Otherwise you should start with bathrooms and storage rooms-but try to do these projects over a weekend as well so your employees don’t have to go without a restroom.

4. Remove All Clutter from the Premises

Your office will already look more cluttered than usual thanks to all the debris from your building’s transformation. So, if you have other furniture or unnecessary decorative items cluttering the space, remove them and put them in storage until you complete the remodel.

Or, if you don’t know what counts as clutter and what doesn’t, decide if you’ll need any items in the immediate future, and remove them if you don’t.

5. Make Sure Customers and Other Visitors Have a Safe Path

You may have to use back and side doors to accomplish this task. You may also have to construct protective scaffolding to keep objects from falling on your customers when they enter your business. Whatever you have to construct for your customers, do it, even if you decided to give your customers hard hats.

However, when you can’t create a safe path for your visitors or employees, you may have to close your company, at least for a few hours.

6. Clean the Renovated Walkways and Other Areas Regularly

As you’ve read above, debris accumulates quickly during a remodel. Have one of your staff members sweep and dust the hallways and rooms near the renovation at least once an hour. Mop the area at least once every day to make sure your customers see a freshly cleaned area when they enter your business.

7. Put Barriers Between Work Areas and Renovation Areas

You do not want someone’s child or curious spouse wandering into construction zones on your premises. These people could injure themselves, and then you might have a lawsuit on your hands. So use a tarp, caution cones, or even a makeshift plastic wall to keep visitors away from the heavy-duty work.

8. Post Warning Signs

Warning signs show that your business cares about customer safety. These signs also mitigate your liability should an accident occur. Signs indicate that you tried to warn visitors not to approach the renovation.

9. Use Natural, Fresh Scents for a More Pleasant Atmosphere

During the remodel, the dust and debris will make your office smell musty. So turn your air purifiers on full blast and use candles and air fresheners to spread light, natural, scents around the sales floor or reception area. Don’t make the scent too strong, or your customers could get headaches and feel agitated.

10. Offer Customers Free Earplugs

As previously mentioned, renovations make a lot of noise, and you don’t want to alienate clientele because of the sound. Offer free earplugs to shoppers and visitors when necessary, and advise your customers to wear the earplugs until you take them to a more soundproof location.


You don’t have to close your business during an office transformation if you take the proper steps. Rent a dumpster and use the tips above to keep your building neat and preserve its charming appearance.